Keeping it Cool for Your Summer Wedding

The Summer time is by far the most popular time of year for Weddings, especially here on the East Coast! It's hard to resist the idea of a beautiful sunny day for your outdoor ceremony and reception, so we certainly understand why June-September seems to be our busy season! While the warm weather and bright sun gives you the perfect setting, it's important to think of some creative ways to keep your guests cool! 

During an outdoor ceremony, the sun and heat can start to take a toll on your guests, especially if you are right on the beach, or not in a shaded area. A great option to help them stay comfortable is by providing small paper fans at each seat! Don't think of the traditional paper fans we all made out of construction paper in childhood! Many sites have beautiful options that will match the elegance and the decor style of your Wedding!

Check out these gorgeous designs available by Wreathartist on Etsy
Another awesome look by SummerKiwi on Etsy

Another great way to keep your guests out of the heat, is be providing some delicate parasols or sun umbrellas to provide a little bit of shade! These are not only practical but would look adorable in the photos taken of the ceremony!

When welcoming your guests into your ceremony, why not surprise them with a refreshing treat?! From a popsicle in a glass of wine, to a frosty frozen beverage, your guests will feel instantly cooler and be energized to have a great time at your fabulous reception!

Image from Cupcakes Carats and Cocktails
If your hosting your reception outdoors, consider using a tent to provide shade! Many tents even have air conditioning available, which your guests will certainly appreciate, especially once the dancing begins! If a tent isn't your style, you can also have fans and misting fans available to cool down the area  in the event that there is no wind or breeze.

A Tent with out sides to keep the outdoor ambiance

PCS Event Productions

PCS Event Productions

The final element to keeping your guests cool during your Summertime event, is to offer a less formal dress code, especially for the men! Women have it a bit easier in the heat, they can simply wear a light dress without sleeves and stay cool. It's the men who have it tough! Think about how hot it must get when wearing long pants, a button down shirt, a tie around your neck, and a blazer to top it all off! On a 90 degree day, that can not be bearable! Offer your guests a Summer Casual Attire option and your guests will be able to dress down a little and be more comfortable throughout your wedding! 

A Causal but appropriate style for Men attending a Summer wedding

Having a Summer time wedding allows for the perfect photos, and a great vacation like atmosphere for you and your guests! Make everyone comfortable with these tips and the memories will be only of what a fantastic time they had!

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