Not Your Average Summer Cookout

Summer is always a popular time of year to have cookouts and get togethers with friends and family. We wanted to share some fun and creative ideas we had to spruce up your summer parties!

To get some flowers for your centerpieces you dont have to go far! Using different fresh cut flowers from your back yard can give your table that extra pop of color that your party needs. You can use simple and easy to find flowers like daisies, tulips or hydrangea and put them in mason jars to give it that extra creative charm.

Another great idea for centerpieces is using fruit like lemons, limes, or even vegetables like cucumbers in the jars along with the flowers. All you have to do is cut them up in half or in slices and float them in the water and put the flowers in on top. This is a fun and super easy way to make it look like a lot more effort went in to preparing for this event! 

If you can't find flowers another fun idea is just put some fruit in vases and add votive candles throughout the table as well! Votives add an elegance to any table with little to no effort! 

Pairing these fun centerpieces with a cute matching tablecloth can make it look like you have been planning this party for months. 

These ideas do not take much time or effort to pull off! They are super easy and fun for any summer event! It will keep your guests amazed and wanting more! 

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