One Day Two Dresses

It is becoming more and more popular for brides to wear more then one dress on their big day. Kim Kardashian made it famous by wearing three different dresses on her big day but most brides don’t have the budgets to do the same.

 Many brides are going with two different dresses by opting for a traditional wedding gown for the ceremony and pictures and then change into a fun and flirty dress for the reception. Whether their traditional dress is a full ball gown or something sleek and sexy, both can be pretty hard to dance in and might even be uncomfortable to wear all night. Many girls are going with a short cocktail dress for their reception to get more movement on the dance floor, but recently we have also seen a growing trend in plain silk dresses that give you that extra room to party all night.

Another up and coming trend is having a dress that is two in one. Many designers are making affordable dresses that can go from full ball gown to cute cocktail in just a matter of minutes. As seen in the picture below, this dress has a snap-on ball skirt that is easily removable to transform into a cute cocktail dress.

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