Wedding Trend: Ombre

The Ombre trend became popular this past season starting with a hair design which changed single toned hair to have a gradual change from darker to lighter. Since this style became popular, we have seen Ombre style pop up in all kind of ways from clothing to nails! Check out some of the great ideas we have found on how to incorporate Ombre Style into your upcoming wedding!

Whether you are using a single dyed fabric that gradually changes color, or use a variety of linens that once draped on each other show the same effect, Ombre Table Linens give your room a cohesive design without repetition!

Talk with your florist about the different tones of flowers that are available and see if they can come up with something creative and fun for the centerpieces for our reception! Many popular flowers, like roses, are available in a great multitude of shades and tones that will work perfectly for an ombre effect!

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Shake things up with traditional Bridesmaid dresses and consider the ombre flow of color to add a bit of excitement to their outfits! These dresses show how to add a pop of color in a new way!

As the final Ombre element, consider it good enough to eat! These cakes not only look fantastic, but they will be a memorable treat for your guests to enjoy!

When working with a new trend it is important to think about the future, and how it will look in pictures for years to come. With a trend like Ombre, the theme is pretty, but not too over the top so it will be a safe option! 

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