Let The Games Begin!

With the Olympics in full swing we wanted to share some fun olympic themed party ideas with you guys! 

This is the perfect time of year to have a field day party and why not base it around the olympics!? This can be great for adults and kids! First, you want to come up with a few different events your guests can participate in. Some examples: The Discus, but instead of having a real discus just use a frisbee (easy and safe for kids!), also have a running race set up with a rope to run through for the finish line and you can even incorporate some field day events like the water balloon toss or the three legged race! 

To make teams you can have your guests pick countries out of a hat or to make teams a little more even you can have a few designated team captains! You can also do a lighting of the torch in the beginning of the party to really get your guests in the competitive spirit! Just do something simple like have someone run in with a lighter stick and light tall pillar candle. 

For some food ideas you can decorate some cup cakes and or cookies with the olympic symbols like the olympic rings or some gold, silver and bronze medals. You could also decorate them with the countries that are participating in the events that day. 

Dont forget to have medals ready for the event winners! You can get them at your local dollar store or make some if you are feeling crafty! We also suggest you have team flags and have your guests dress up in their countries colors! 

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