A Fresh Start For DME

Dana Markos Events has made some very big changes this summer and we are excited that we have the opportunity to share them with all of you!

First, we have moved into two new locations in Ipswich and Boston!  We had outgrown our previous studio space and found new space to create an industrial feel to the energy of the company.   Our new design studio is on 129 High St in Ipswich and it has been such a positive change for us. The studio has given us a whole new perspective and given everyone here a feeling of newness, excitement and fresh spirit.  With all the energy filling the space,  we are not only fresh and excited about trying new things, but also bringing the latest trends to everyone's eyes.

Our second move was to a new office at 251 Newbury St in Boston. We have the pleasure and distinction to be in the company of Person and Killian Photography ( one of Boston's Best), just a few doors down in the same building!  This awesome space in Boston is being used strictly as an office to welcome new and existing clients in for meetings convenient to their work and living areas.

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