Charitable Gift

This past Sunday, Dana and his team proudly walked the Jimmy Fund Walk in honor of Dana's late wife Elizabeth. Together they raised over 8,000 to help contribute to the Jimmy Fund to aid cancer research. This is just one of the many ways to show support to a charity by participating in an event. Dana also started his own foundation, the Elizabeth A. Markos Foundation to help families who are troubled from the financial burden of medical costs of brain cancer.

A way to show your support could be at an event you hold yourself such as a wedding. Instead of having a wedding registry list you could have your guests donate to your favorite charity as their gift to you. There are so many charities that rely on the support of donations to keep up with their research for a cure. Think about how a wedding is to celebrate the joining of two lives together, donating to your favorite charity is a way of celebrating the many lives that can be saved through your gift.