European Bouquet- Enjoy The Difference

Next week we are going to start selling European bouquets, sidewalk style, in front of our new location at 129 High Street, Ipswich. Our creative staff really wanted to create something different that you can't find anywhere else. These bouquets will be full of color and a diversity of flowers. They will be hand-tied and wrapped with our signature packaging (new branding to the company)  to give it that extra unique touch!  Think European Sidewalk stands to help visualize... These bouquets are perfect to give to that special someone or even just to decorate your house with.

So, initially we will be testing the waters, so to speak,  with these bouquets and we will love any feedback you may have! Our thoughts are that we will sell them on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of most weeks because that is when people do the most entertaining.   Again, these bouquets are a great way to freshen up your home for a dinner party or to just give as a gift to a loved one!  In addition,  we plan to coordinate the offering of these bouquets during the events held at the Ipswich Performing Arts Center, across from the Ipswich Studio, as often as we can!  Holidays and other occasions are on our radar a well.  So, don’t forget to check back with us, stop by to check them out and definitely plan on grabbing a bouquet.  Be sure to stop in the studio and say Hi when you do!

All our Best,  Dana and the DME Creative Team

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