250th Anniversary of Governors Academy

Last Saturday marked the 250th anniversary of the Governor's Academy. It is the oldest boarding school in the nation, it was founded in 1763 by Governor William Dummer. DME was very happy to be a part of this major event!

There was a huge celebration in honor of the school's great history. Governor's Academy is an amazing school that has been influenced by some of America's great leaders such as Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, John Quincy Adams, and many more. Their motto is non "sibi sed aliis", which is Latin for “not for self but for others". It reflects on the school's commitment to the community and the students dedication to helping others. 

Team DME was busy at work all week creating the many floral arrangements for this event, the studio was filled with flowers! Check out some of the arrangements team DME made for the Governor's Academy. The color scheme mimicked the Fall season with splashes of orange, green, red and yellow.

This event was especially important for our team because one of our amazing designers, Molly Bidstrup   has a special connection with Governors Academy. Her Husband and her have been a part of the Governors 'family' for fifteen plus years! Given her strong ties to the academic community, Molly added extra effort to make certain it was an over all success! We so appreciate her talent and creativity. 

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