Bridal Party Inspiration

Our friend from Rentals Unlimited, Jenna Horne was married back in September 2012. We wanted to share what she decided to do for her bridesmaids with you because we think it would be a great inspiration for any soon to be bride! 

Her bridesmaids were in all different knee length black dresses. This allowed each girl to wear something that fit their different personalities and body types! We think this is a great idea because not everyone has the same body type and looks good in the same style of dress.

If you notice in this picture, Jenna also had all different styles of bouquets for her and her bridal party. Each person had a different types of white flowers, which we think is a great idea!

Even though their were so many differences to her bridal parties style, it all flowed and looked beautiful! She stuck with the same colors like the white flowers and black dresses but allowed each person to let their personality show! 

We want to thank Jenna for allowing us to share her wedding photos!
Photo credit: Right Loft Studio
Florals: Gregory's Flower Shop

Mad Libs

Sometimes there can be some down time during the wedding festivities. To keep the flow of the day and let your guests have some fun before your big entrance put mad libs at each table or even each seat.     We like the idea of putting them at each table because you might not know everyone at the table so it gets everyone involved and is a great conversation starter! 

They will have fun filling them out and you will have fun reading them! You can bring them along on your honeymoon to have a good laugh with your new spouse! 

If you don't like the mad lib idea but want your guests to have something to do during some down time during the day, you could also put trivia cards at the tables to see who knows the couple best! 

Some Trivia Question Ideas:
Where did the couple first meet?
Where was the couples first date?
How long has the couple been together?
Where are they going on their honeymoon?

Happy Fat Tuesday!

In honor of Fat Tuesday we wanted to share some fun yet elegant Mardi Gras inspired wedding ideas! Mardi Gras is a great inspiration for any event. You can really go over the top with your ideas or just keep it simple.

We love the the color scheme of Mardi Gras, the purples, greens and yellows really make for the perfect wedding colors. You can incorporate these colors to your bridal parties attire, the floral arrangements and even the linens. Remember to have fun with this theme... you can use feathers, masks and beads for your party favors, place card holders, table numbers etc...

Check out these ideas and more on our Pinterest page:

National Pancake Day!

In honor of national pancake day we wanted to give a tip for all of our pancake lovers out there! If you love breakfast foods, especially pancakes, here is a great way to add these wonderful treats to your wedding day!

Many couples are adding a late night snack for their guests to indulge in for about the last hour of their wedding reception. You tend to work up an appetite after all of the dancing and other festivities a wedding day brings so we highly recommend couples to do some sort of late night snack!

A great option for late night snacks at your reception are breakfast foods! You can have mini pancakes with some fruit on top with a side of syrup, breakfast sandwiches and some homefries! These foods can be passed around or buffet style so your guests can indulge as they please.

Happy National Pancake Day!