All About Veils!

All About Veils!

When watching everybody's guilty pleasure Say Yes to the Dress, the girl's entourage watches the Bride try on dress after dress, but what does veteran stylist Randy bring out to bring it all together and get the waterworks flowing? The veil! No matter what your personal style is, the veil can completely change your bridal look from a beautiful white ball gown, to "Wow! Thats a wedding dress!"

For some of our more traditional Brides, we tend to see veils that are longer, and trimmed in delicate lace or embroidery. This creates a romantic ambiance that frames the beautiful Brides face and allows the hair to flow beneath it.
A more modern veil, like one of a medium length, can really transform your wedding day look! Take into account the use of layers, materials, and lengths to change it up and see what plays up the details of your gown.
Going vintage is another popular style for wedding day beauty that doesn't have to end at the dress style or make up! A bird cage style veil is a fabulous way to top off your vintage look and keep your look a little different and less traditional!
The wedding dress is often thought of as one of the most important parts of the wedding celebration! When you begin walking down the aisle, your friends and family will be blown away at the vision walking towards them, and nothing will complete your Bridal look like the perfect accessory, the veil!

Dana Markos Events Published in Bliss Celebrations!

Dana Markos Events is so very excited to announce to all of our family, friends, and fans that our Floral Design work was recently featured in the 2013 edition of Bliss Celebrations magazine! A huge thanks goes out to The Perfect Details for seeking out our floral creativity and work to bring to this event!

Image From Bliss Celebrations 2013 Publication

Image From Bliss Celebrations 2013 Publication

The Little Things: Table Numbers

It's the Little Things that Make a Big Impact! Table Numbers

As your guests pick up their name cards and walk through the room to locate where they will be seated for the evening, do you want them to arrive at Table Number 4 only to see the blunt black font of the table number cards provided by the caterer? Dana Markos Events is constantly reminding our clients that making a wedding your own is all about the details. One of the small things that make a huge impact is creating special table numbers to continue the theme of your event! Designing a set of table numbers that keep the flow of your event going is a small cost for a big effect, remember, you should only need one per table!

If you have selected a beautiful color or color combination for your wedding, continue the atmosphere of the event by having your table numbers created using those hues! Whether you are trying to add a splash of color to the table, or bring out the vibrancy of your flowers, your table numbers will continue the path that your guest's eyes take across the table. 
Don't forget to take the font style into consideration when having your table numbers designed. By using something more blunt, you will create a more modern feeling, while fonts like script of anything with an italic, will create a more traditional vibe.

For our clients who have selected a specific theme or style, such as nautical, romance, or contemporary styles, we encourage them to bring out the details of their event's theme by incorporating these ideas into the table numbers as well! Keeping up with your theme in the small details gives the overall event a greater feeling of consistency.

Perhaps your event does not have an exact theme or color concept, but if you are celebrating, why not make it all about you! Use details from your personal lives to give everyone in attendance some insight into your daily lives of how you grew up! From sharing your photos of you as children, or do something worth while with all of those engagement photos, you can give your guests the chance to see the people they are celebrating.

And don't think that you have to stop at simple paper. Get creative by using eclectic frames, or full out objects that keep your theme going! Having your wedding at a specific type of location like a library or museum opens up a whole new world of ideas, like the scrabble tiles below! Or maybe you are getting married at an old castle? The use of romantic scrolling frames would be the perfect fit.

When creating the atmosphere to your wedding or event, it is the little details that make or or break the event! If you want to keep your design consistent, you need to remember where your guests are going to be spending half of the evening, seated at their tables for the first dance, the meal, and dessert! Adding some type of detail or interesting piece to this area will only further show your guests the thoughtfulness and planning behind your big day.