All About Veils!

All About Veils!

When watching everybody's guilty pleasure Say Yes to the Dress, the girl's entourage watches the Bride try on dress after dress, but what does veteran stylist Randy bring out to bring it all together and get the waterworks flowing? The veil! No matter what your personal style is, the veil can completely change your bridal look from a beautiful white ball gown, to "Wow! Thats a wedding dress!"

For some of our more traditional Brides, we tend to see veils that are longer, and trimmed in delicate lace or embroidery. This creates a romantic ambiance that frames the beautiful Brides face and allows the hair to flow beneath it.
A more modern veil, like one of a medium length, can really transform your wedding day look! Take into account the use of layers, materials, and lengths to change it up and see what plays up the details of your gown.
Going vintage is another popular style for wedding day beauty that doesn't have to end at the dress style or make up! A bird cage style veil is a fabulous way to top off your vintage look and keep your look a little different and less traditional!
The wedding dress is often thought of as one of the most important parts of the wedding celebration! When you begin walking down the aisle, your friends and family will be blown away at the vision walking towards them, and nothing will complete your Bridal look like the perfect accessory, the veil!

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