Personalize Your Wedding Day

Keep It Forever

There are SO many ways to personalize your wedding day. It can be through your photos, decor and design, and even through the food being served. Are you looking for ideas you'll be able to have forever? We have some fun and romantic ideas for your big day that you're going to love!

These two lovebirds had custom-made license plates to debut in front of their guests on their big day. If you ask me, this is adorable! They can hang these license plates on the wall in their new home, use as actual license plates for their cars, or it's even something they can pass onto their kids someday.

This is a fun and unique idea for your bridesmaids! Have personalized ribbons made for their bouquets as a token of appreciation and thanks for being a part of your wedding day! It's a gift for your bridesmaids but also an added personal touch to your ceremony - such a great idea!

This is an adorable introduction to the ceremony, a great decorative piece, and something you'll be able to save forever! Just like the license plates, this could be a great piece on your wall at home as a daily reminder of the best day of your life! On a side note - how adorable is that little girls dress??

I personally LOVE this idea. Have your hubby-to-be write you a note on the bottom of your shoe, and you write one on the bottom of his. Your notes to each other will be something you take with you during your walk down the isle, and will be written in the soles of your shoes as you walk the path of life together. How romantic!?

Whichever personal touch you want to add to your wedding day - find a way to use it so that you'll be able to keep it even when your big day is over. It's a fun and romantic way to incorporate something from your big day into the rest of your life!

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