TBT - Squam Lake Wedding 2010

In honor of Throwback Thursday, I wanted to share with you guys a wedding that DME worked on back in the summer of 2010. It is, by far, one of my favorite wedding's I've set up with DME. The centerpieces were so different, unique, and absolutely perfect for the setting. It took place at a private estate on the beautiful Squam Lake in NH, with the ceremony taking place on a small island that you could only reach by a 5 minute boat ride across the spacious lake. 

DME used the country setting to our fullest advantage. We incorporated a lot of branches, moss and lots of golds and oranges into our centerpieces. The entire color palate consisted of natural colors that still popped out bringing a burst of color to the reception! This centerpiece really adds to the country/fall theme with the use of a tree-like piece and is so different from your usual centerpiece.

Now, this arrangement is so different from the first one. DME used a number of unique arrangements, giving the reception a lot of different texture and design. While the other arrangement was tall and standing strong, this one is square in shape and has branches and flowers coming out of the top of the arrangement. I love this one because it's so unique and complex, but also simple and elegant at the same time.

Here, we have another different arrangement. As you can see, it's held inside a moss covered branch/wood basket. It has all the same pop of color as the others, only this one is low to the table so it is easier for your guests to converse at the dinner table! The flowers cascading over the side of the arrangement gives this gorgeous piece a little bit of an edge!

For this particular centerpiece, we used branches and orchids to add to the array of different flowers. Also - we chose a rectangular shape for this centerpiece, again, adding to the texture and design of the overall look. My favorite part of all of these centerpieces is the fruits! We used different apples and pears for ALL of the centerpieces. This tied into the country wedding theme, adding to the color and naturalistic look. Take notes from this beautiful color palate and textural design - it is absolutely stunning! 

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