Using Food In Design

Food For Design

Throughout the years that DME has been designing, we have really diversified our creativity! We love finding new ways to make your event the most spectacular, and and evening you'll never forget. We strive to make the space you chose come alive through unique, detail-oriented design. One of our favorite items to design with is food! I know what you must be thinking, aren't we supposed to eat the food? In this case, no. There are so many different ways to incorporate food into your design, no matter what time of year your event is taking place! 

These two photos above go perfectly with the Fall season! As you can see in the top photo, we used a large variety of fruits and veggies, ranging from oranges to pomegranates to gourds!  If you're throwing a dinner party or having your wedding during the fall, using apples, oranges, pears, even mini pumpkins, would be so gorgeous! The different colors of all the fruits and veggies against the flowers brings such detail to the overall design and is so different! 

Here, we have some photos from AIR's 2nd Annual Tablescapes: The Art and Design of Entertaining where DME won Best of Show! We designed a table called "The Hunt" and used apples, pears, chestnuts, berries, etc. Of course the flowers were absolutely gorgeous, but the extra detail of using fruits and veggies on the table, along with gold accent apples, really completed the overall feel of what the table was supposed to represent. 

This is my absolute favorite! I love the use of lemons and limes in floral pieces, especially in Spring and Summer. They make the whole design look so fresh and clean, and you can use them in different ways!  They can either be used whole, or you can cut them in different ways. Above, you can see that they were cut into slices, whereas in the pillars on the floor, most are whole and just a few are cut into wedges. They're definitely more diverse than you'd think! By cutting them into slices, it's more of a subtle look but the inside of a lemon gives off more detail. If you use them whole, it gives a greater pop of color to the design!  

If you were a skeptic of this idea before, I know you've changed your mind by now! All of these designs incorporated fruits, veggies, and different types of nuts, but they all achieve completely different looks! So, whatever time of year your event is happening, pick your favorite in-season fruits or veggies and get creative! 

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