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TSH Catering

DME wanted to shed light on a fantastic catering company here on the North Shore! We spoke with Brittany Gwinn and Christiane Hopkins, who gave us great insight into their business! We are so excited to share with you...

DME: Where are you located?
TSH Catering: Timothy Hopkins Catering Kitchen is located at 8 Scots Way in Essex, MA. Come visit us! We have a really cool art collection on display as well as an event planning and styling office. We love to have parties and cooking demos here! We also handle all of the food service for Bass Rocks Golf Club in Gloucester. We also just opened The Salem Screamery: an ice cream store right in downtown Salem. Lastly, we have great partnerships as an exclusive caterer with many prestigious North Shore venues!

Tenderloin Crostini

DME: How long have you been in business?
TSH Catering: We just celebrated our tenth anniversary! Before TSHC, Tim Hopkins gained more then 25 years experience honing his culinary skills at many prestigious restaurants and clubs from Chicago to Nantucket. After settling with his family on the North Shore Tim served as chef at Myopia Hunt Club and later as General Manager at the Singing Beach Club in Manchester-by-the-Sea. 

Chocolate Mousse

DME: What are some words that best describe TSH Catering?
TSH Catering:  Passionate ... about food! Tim Hopkins, Owner and Head Chef, has always been passionate about food and more particularly, ingredients. Everyone on the team has made it a focus to source ingredients locally and sustainably. Some other words to describe us: fun - we love a good party, social - we are active members of our community, hardworking - we never stop, and service – we have a great team that is service oriented and pays attention to detail! 

DME: What are some food trends that you've been seeing in 2013? Do they differ from past years?
TSH Catering:   We are seeing a lot of party trends related to food shift in a number of ways. The most obvious shift seems to be in wedding dinner service. We are creating menus based on the stationary food display dinner idea rather than the traditional seated dinner service. More than ever we are hearing couples really wanting to express themselves and their lifestyle through the food at their wedding. We are learning a lot more about our client's personalities so we can create truly unique experiences for each of them!

Tuna TarTar in Sesame Waffle Cone

DME: What is your favorite appetizer that you serve?
TSH Catering:  We think our tuna tartar in a sesame waffle cone is the biggest crowd pleaser, and one of our personal favorites is our tenderloin crostini with a boursin spread and ancho chili mayo. Yum!

DME: What is your favorite serving style?
TSH Catering: We like a really elegant seated dinner service style; we find a lot of satisfaction in wowing our clients with stellar service. Of course our staff also loves stationary displays: they allow us to interact with the guests at the party and have some fun talking about the food! 

Spring Rolls

How amazing do those hors d'oeuvres look!? TSH Catering is such an amazing company and we are so privileged to have worked with them! We want to give a huge thank you to Brittany and Chris for taking the time to talk with us and hope you all enjoyed our Vendor Spotlight! 

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