Wedding Cakes Gone Bad!

Wedding Cakes Gone Bad!

Being a floral designer, our favorite types of Wedding Cake styles incorporate flowers along with the frosting design to create a consistent ambiance throughout their entire reception. Dana Markos Events is constantly working in conjunction with cake designers for our events to supply the perfect flowers to adorn the cake appropriately and tastefully. In taking a look at some inspiration online, we came across all kinds of wedding cakes that would definitely raise a few eyebrows! We are all about keeping with your personal style, but had to share some of these cakes with you all in good fun!

For some reason, there were quite a few cakes surrounding the theme of death despite a Wedding being a happy and joyous occasion to celebrate love and life.
Yes, below, those are Jell-Shots...
 We understand that a Wedding Day can be all about the Bride, but this cake takes the idea a little to far!
 We were not exactly sure what the theme for this wedding could have been, but needless to say this was one of the stranger cakes we came across!
If you are looking for something interesting and different that really suits the personality of the Bride and Groom, consider having a traditional wedding cake and a Grooms Cake! Don't fall into the trap that some of the events above experienced! Talk with your baker about their ideas that can can show your guests the unique personality of the two of you as a couple, while keeping the design work attractive and not to over the top!

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