Wedding Wisdom Wednesday

Planning Overload!

Are you finding yourself hardcore stressing during the planning stages of your wedding? You are not alone! Usually by the 5th or 6th week of planning, brides start to panic. This is not unusual, but the process will be even MORE enjoyable than it already is if you have some tips to help curb your stress. This should be a fun and exciting process, so take notes! These tips will take the weight off your shoulders, have you putting your feet up on the coffee table and relaxing!

Tip #1: Take one day a week OFF from your planning.

You need to take time away from planning, otherwise your brain will go into overdrive! If you're extra busy and can't take one full day off, then set a time 3 days a week that you will stop planning. So, MWF, after 5 o'clock pm, you will put those planning folders away and relax! This relaxation and time management is a must ladies!

Tip #2: Utilize your bridesmaids! 

Things can get super overwhelming while planning a wedding, especially if you're the only one putting in most of the effort. Use your bridesmaids! They are not only there for the bachelorette party and the day of your wedding, they can be a huge help in the planning process too. If you're in planning overload and you need to call the caterer - call one of your bridesmaids! Dishing out small tasks here and there will be more helpful than you think! 

Tip #3: Eat healthy!

We all know how tempting it can be to indulge in your favorite chocolate dessert when you're feeling that little bit of added stress. DON'T stress eat! Eating healthy foods will give you the nutrients and energy to keep going, while also preventing you from gaining that unwanted weight before your big day! Remember ladies, we are what we eat. Having a healthy living style will make all the difference in your level of stress and your ability to plan effectively!

Tip #4: Back up your plan!

We all know that one of the reasons brides stress the most is so that her big day will be perfect! Sometimes things don't go according to plan, so setting a schedule for the big day is an awesome way to keep things on track. Schedule out the day, and make sure everyone in the bridal party gets a copy, this way there aren't questions flying everywhere about what the day will consist of. Attached to that schedule, you can also hand out a list of people to call for questions, or if something goes wrong - as the bride, you have no time to be answering a million phone calls. Having other people in charge and handling everything will ensure your day to be one of complete relaxation and excitement!

Tip #5: HAVE FUN! 

Remember what you're planning for!! Your big day is supposed to be one of celebration and remembrance for years to come, don't let the planning take away from that! Don't stress over the little things - you're going to marry the love of your life and that is ALL that matters!

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