Displaying Dessert

Get Stylish!

Are you tired of displaying your sweet treats the same way every time you throw a holiday or dinner party? So are we! As you probably know, DME loves getting creative with food when it comes to design, and this past holiday, we tried some new ways to add some fun to the dessert table! 

Okay, you can't deny that these Oreo pops are just adorable! DME's good friend Lisa Weagle makes these fun little treats and we're always first in line to grab some! She covered these Oreo's to look like little chicks just for our Easter celebration! These treats are perfect for special occasions and can be decorated according to each one...genius, right??

To spice up our dessert table, we garnished some of the plates and bowls with a single Orchid; it adds a little bit of extra color and is so beautiful! If Orchid's aren't your favorite flower, you can choose whichever one is your favorite and can even use it in all different colors!

Here, we have all different flavored cupcakes! We had them made with extra color to represent the Easter holiday, and rather than just display them on regular plates, we decided to switch it up! We took two birch logs and placed one of them three quarters of the way on top of the other, and filled them with the cupcakes. In the second photo, we took brownies and cheesecake to garnish the top of each log. We added an Orchid and marshmallow bunnies and chicks to add even more Easter fun to the design! Also - if you notice next to the birch, we took little wooden bird nests and used fake chicks and eggs to add extra detail to our theme! 

This is the beautiful overview of the entire dessert table! As you can see, the birch logs, fun marshmallow candies, and the Orchids, all add an extra fun touch to the overall design. These are just a few fun ways that you can spice up your dessert table. If you're ever stuck for an idea, just garnish the desserts with a flower of your choice and it will make all the difference!  

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