Summer Window Displays

Go Big Or Go Home!

DME's current window displays are absolutely fabulous, and in two completely different ways! These two particular tables next to each other portray such a diverse way of decorating your dinner table! Now, who can deny a themed dinner party? They're super fabulous and make your dinner extra special and stand out from any other I said, go big or go home, right!? 

This first window display, as you can see, is definitely a more formal look. The fine china, extravagant center piece, and matching candelabras make for a more Gatsby type of theme. What really ties this design together is the heaping bunch of pink peonies in the centerpiece. The pop of color adds excitement to the rest of the table and contrasts so well against the gold pieces. We decided to use white  phaleonopsis orchids with a yellow throat cascading out of the peonies for a dramatic and extravagant effect, along with the gorgeous white feathers sprouting from the top. This table setting would be absolutely perfect for a formal dinner party with close friends! 

This table design is much more fun, informal and summery than the previous one, but just as fabulous! Hanging the American flag behind the table and the wooden stars from the ceiling adds an extra touch of holiday spirit. This display is, of course, dedicated to the 4th of July and would be great for an outdoor dinner celebration with friends and family! It's so much fun and gets everyone in the spirit to celebrate the holiday! 

Okay, how totally awesome is this cake?? This nautical themed cake, made by Jenny of Jenny Cakes, is so different and is the perfect fit for a summer dinner celebration, beach wedding, graduation party, etc. So many options, I know! As you can see, we completed this summer theme by scattering sand dollars, filling our candle-holders with sand, and placing starfish all throughout the table. 

At each end of the table, we placed a dark blue glass piece with sprouting greens, and a shell filled with coral. That piece, tied in with the coral, sand and sea glass, added a natural touch and extra detail into the overall design! 

We also scattered tiny shells along the red table runner, filled our larger candle-holders with sand and multi-colored sea glass, and folded our red and blue napkins into mini sails! So festive and such a fun look!! We decided to use all white plate-ware so that all of the color on the table, including the blue water glasses, would really pop and show the red, white and blue theme we were going for! 

We hope you enjoyed these awesome designs and will share with your friends and family for your next big dinner celebration! Of course, none of our designs would be possible without our amazing vendors,  Rentals Unlimited and New England Country Rentals

If you love DME and all of our amazing designs, please vote us for Best Wedding Flowers on the Boston A-list! We were #1 last year and are striving for #1 again! We wouldn't be here without you, so VOTE TODAY and share with your peers!!! Thank you!!!


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