Dana's summer read picks!

Here at Dana Markos Events we are all about enjoying life! We think of ourselves as not only an event company but a true lifestyle company. So in that spirit, why not take some down time for yourself today? Throw down a blanket, grab a cool glass of fresh lemonade, make yourself a little snack and pick up a great summer read!! (Actually this book is great to read any time of year!).   The Why of Things written  by one of our former brides, Elizabeth Hartley Winthrop (who is actually the sister of one of our brides this weekend!) centers around Twin Quarries in Lanesville, Massachusetts ( a private family property ) where we will be doing the amazing wedding! This is a beautifully written novel about family bonds that will touch your soul! Elizabeth Hartley Winthrop is also the author of Fireworks and December.

So take our advice and Dana's endorsement and pick yourself up a copy, it is easy to do on Amazon.com

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