DME visits Russell Orchards

To get us in the spirit of fall Dana Markos Events took a field trip to Russell Orchards here in Ipswich!

The vibrant colors of the apples and pumpkins are the perfect inspiration for any fall event you may be planning. Russell Orchards offers pumpkins, apples, warm apple cider, and who could forget their famous apple cider donuts!

Inside the Farm Store at Russell Orchards we indulged in some donuts and then got right to work observing our surroundings. In the winery section we came across these fabulously unique Wine Bottle Ornaments, the perfect way to add that special touch to your harvest party or everyday decor.

With a large selection of Hard Cider and Wine it is easy to buy local. If you are in need of a gift to bring to a dinner party Russell Orchards makes homemade pies and treats for you to bring along! If you're not quite sure what to buy they offer a tasting room for you to sample the delicious wines.

Russell Orchards is also the perfect place to bring family and friends. With the option to pick your own apples and some great backdrops for your family fall photos Russell Orchards is the perfect place to make memories with loved ones. DME enjoyed a warm cup of cider as we visited the farm animals and got inspired by the different colors and textures around us.

With inspiration in one hand and sparkling cider in the other DME is refreshed and ready to fall in love with fall!

The use of natural seasonal elements in decor

We are so fortunate to be located in New England where nature provides us with its natural beauty!  Autumn is an abundant time for seasonal flowers and produce! We have been enjoying using the gifts of nature in our early fall event décor.
Sunflowers are a very versatile flower to use in arrangements. Placing a handful of sunflowers in a mason jar makes a simple center piece.  Another idea is floating a small sunflower head in a short round vase.
Decorating pumpkins is not just for kids! Hollow out a pumpkin, place a vase inside and add your favorite fall flowers! Having an event where you need place cards? Small pumpkins or gourds can be used! Guests names can be painted on the pumpkin or attach a tag to the stem.

Pumpkin place card - gingham table cloth

Bales of hay with a few blankets make great seating  for your guests! Wood planks can also be placed between bales to create a bench.

LOVE THIS ALL ..... Hay bale seating & arbour. And I love the tree stumps at the ends of each row

Decorating is not just for events . Go buy yourself some mums and pumpkins and add some fall flare to your home! If you are looking for Everyday flower design ideas make sure you check out Dana's book "Flowers for the Home".

Bachelor Party Survival Kits

As the wedding date quickly approaches the groomsmen may be planning on kidnapping your fiancé for a few hours...or maybe even the weekend to throw him a bachelor party. So before your hubby-to-be is whisked away, why not send him and his companions off with a survival kit!?  We found a lot a great items that would be fun AND useful right at our local dollar store that you can include. Here are some tips to help you put together your own kit...

THEME: We LOVE themes!!! You can really "wow them" by sticking with a color them or if the bachelor party includes an activity (golf, camping weekend, poker night etc..) you can incorporate that activity into your theme. One of the funny themes we found was a" Hangover" movie them.

THE GOODS: Here comes the fun for the "survival tools!" Some of the basics to include are gum/mints, water bottle (try adding your own personalized label to the bottle!), chewable Pepto-Bismol, Chapstick,  Advil and a small bag of pretzels or "snack pack "of crackers.  You can really make the kits as simple or extravagant as you want. Some other suggestions of items to add include, small nip sized bottle of your grooms favorite Spirit, playing cards, wet wipes, Band-Aids, mouthwash, Red bull,  personalized glassware or mug and maybe (MAYBE) add a few one dollar bills!

THE PACKAGING: A simple brown paper lunch bag or gift bag can be an inexpensive way to present your survival kit. If you want something  a bit more sturdy opt for a plastic shoe-box sized bin. If you are feeling crafty, permanent markers or craft paints work well to personalize and /or decorate the bin! A mason jar with cover is also a great container. It can also double as glassware if you include the ingredient's for a cocktail! Another  option is to make a basket and fill with the items to leave out for the guests to access through the night.The hangover movie themed bachelor party survival kits! for a boys weekend at the lake!
This is something you can have lots of fun with! Don't forget to give your Love a framed photo of the two of you to look at while he is away with the guys! Replacing his old key ring with a newly engraved personalized one can also serve as a reminder to designate a driver for the party. We also found a great t-shirt for you to add to the designated drivers survival kit!

Designated Driver. I obviously need this

Gift bags for the designated drivers at my son's wedding. Most importantly DME encourages everyone to be safe, responsible and by all means have FUN!!

The Perfect September Wedding

The month of September is the
perfect mix of late summer weather, and just a touch of fall chill. With wonderful summer colors still in bloom, and fall temperatures approaching September can make for the perfect Wedding month!

This past weekend DME and our lovely couple got just that; the perfect September day! We were fortunate enough to be onsite at the breathtaking Castle Hill here in Ipswich.

Our bride went with a purple color scheme, using deep plum Calla Lilies, purple Hydrangea, purple Trachelium, Lavender Roses, and purple Stock just to name a few.  Bells of Ireland, White Hydrangea, Lemon Leaf, Dusty Miller, and Cymbidium Orchids added the perfect pops of green and white to make the arrangements crisp and lively.

The bride looked absolutely stunning and her bouquet, made up of White Cymnidium Orchid's with Plum throats, and Plum Calla Lilies matched her dress and bridesmaids perfectly.

The Ceremony was held in the beautiful Italian garden on the property.   To give the space an even more romantic feel our designers created swirls out of white rose petals to the aisle for the bridal party to walk along, thus scattering for the bride.  Small arrangements hung from the sides of the chairs incorporated the purple theme that was evident throughout the venue and made the space really stand out.

A stunning ceremony arrangement was set in the niche to reflect the garland and floral creation hanging above. Lanterns and white rose petals made the space feel warm and soft to make for the perfect September Ceremony.

Floral Heaven at Willowdale Estate

      As a new intern here at DME I wasn't sure what to expect on my first day. I walked through the door last Wednesday and was immediately greeted by an amazingly talented staff and the overwhelming scent of fresh flowers....what could be better? Flowers were everywhere in preparation for an upcoming wedding that would take place that Friday, and  I was in awe watching two of the DME Designers hard at work turning an empty vase into a lavish wedding arrangement.

Centerpieces, ceremony arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres, flower girl wreath and basket, place card table piece, cake flowers, mantle arrangements, & cocktail table arrangements, oh my! There is nothing these designers can't do!

I watched as each flower was strategically placed and cut to the perfect length, to make each arrangement cohesive and breathtakingly beautiful. Fiddleheads, Succulents, and Seeded Eucalyptus were the perfect match to the venue: Willowdale Estate.  Peach Roses complimented the bridesmaids dresses while, white Hydrangeas and Scabiosa Pods made for a relaxed elegant feel. These arrangements, paired with the Willowdale Estate were perfection.

The installation at the venue went seamlessly. The DME staff went right in and went to work, each member having a job to complete and knowing exactly how to do it. I was so impressed with how swiftly but meticulously the team moved, and the space was transformed into floral heaven.

I am so grateful to be with such a hardworking and talented team. My first DME wedding was an unforgettable experience and I cannot wait to see more of their incredible work!